Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn Tints

Autumn Tints, aka Double Four Patch, only with different coloring

I used MM templates A1 and A5, cuting 2 large squares (A1), and 4 background squares, and two each of darker squares for the four patch (A5)

I pinned each set of smaller squares with 1 pin so that I could make sure the edges came out even.

I removed the pin when I came to it, holding the squares with my finger against the presser foot to keep it from shifting.

I returned the pieces to the layout area to make sure everything was sewn correctly.

Press the seams towards the darker square so the seams nestle against each other. Pin again, making sure the seams are right next to each other, and another pin at the end.

Press this seam open to keep the block flatter and true to size. Pin the larger square to the four patch, sew, press towards large square.
Sew the last seam, pinning at intersections and at the end. Press this seam open.

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