Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kitchen Woodbox

Kitchen Woodbox could be done several different ways, but is shown here being paper pieced. Trim the pattern so that there is a little extra all around.

Precut the pieces you will need, also a bit larger than necessary. Center square 2 3/4" square, cut dark and red strips 1 3/4" wide, then subcut dark: two 2 3/4" long, two 4 3/4" long and red: four 5" long. Corner triangles-cut two squares 3" then cut diagonally

Center the center square on the side without lines, baste (set machine to its longest stitch) in place with a few stitches

Trim center square so that 1/4" extends on two sides of the center. This helps to align the next pieces

put short dark strips on center square, aligning long edge with just trimmed center edge, flip pattern over, sew on line. press to side.
Trim extra to 1/4" Put add-a-quarter or other 6" rotary cutting ruler with 1/4" line on sewing line

Fold paper gently back over ruler and trim exposed fabric. Make sure you only trim the extra seam allowance!

Keep adding strips and trimming. When you get to the last red strips, make sure they are centered, the edges should extend beyond the seams at least 1/4"

Trim the corner off the red strips before adding the final background triangles.

To avoid see-through, make sure your triangles cover the red, but just barely so you can cover the triangle and have enough seam allowance. Pin to keep in place, avoiding the seam line area.

Finished block with paper still attached.

Remove the paper, press block, and line up the center of the block with you 6 1/2" squaring up ruler, then trim on all four sides

Finished block (front)

Finished block (back)

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