Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cut Glass Dish

Cut Glass Dish is a block with many HSTs. I chose to make them using the cut squares an inch bigger than needed and trim them to size method. I only needed 24, but I think I ended up making a lot more, 28 maybe, because I kept losing the darn little things.
Cut two strips of fabric 2" wide by at least 24" long (and a bit), subcut into 2" squares, If you stack the fabric strips right sides together before cutting they are all set to sew the diagonals.

Mark and sew diagonal lines 1/4" from the center

Cut on the diagonal, press to dark side, then trim to 1 1/2" square

Use MM template B-12 to get a wide enough strip cut

Cut 3 squares using B-12

Assemble the HSTs into pairs. Lay out all of the pieces so you get the right sides sewn together!

Then sew some of the pairs into rows of 4 HSTs each (need 4 of these)

Pin your HST rows together. Be careful to check that once pinned, all of the seam allowances are in the same orientation. Otherwise the seams won't nest nicely for the next step! See how the pin heads are easy to grab and pull out as you get to them?

Assmebled into rows

Finished Cut Glass Dish

Here you can see how the seams are pressed

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